Website Design

Your Website Matters

We hear from clients everyday who are simply embarrassed by their website.

Many of them paid thousands of dollars to a brilliant designer, only to have a complicated system they simply cannot update themselves without an IT background. Or, they just threw something together themselves because of lack of funds or resources, and it doesn't doesn't convert or do what it needs to do (get people to click and say YES.)

After our team completes a quick website audit, we often find the following issues:

  • too many fonts

  • too many colors

  • not enough colors

  • too much white space

  • not enough white space

  • broken links

  • outdated photos

  • outdated or missing bio

  • hard-to-read fonts

  • blurry images

  • buttons not working

  • not mobile-friendly

  • misspelled words 

  • grammatical erros

  • outdated events

  • unclear copy on services

We proudly offer website packages for just about every budget or business. 

Please note each business is different, and we customize our packages to include what you need and what we recommend to help you be successful. Click the button below for a free consultation and custom package quote provided for your business.


Packages start at $1500

payment plan available

** Important information regarding websites: all websites are built through a third-party website where a subscription plan is required (and included in the above quoted prices.) One year of maintenance is included with your plan, which includes basic changes (up to 2 hours) per month and minor updates as needed. E-commerce sites include 3 hours of maintenance per month. After the first year of maintenance, you will receive a quote to continue on a Maintenance plan, which range from $50-$200 per month, depending on the website and maintenance needs. You will have the option to choose a maintenance plan, or take over the website yourself. (FEES APPLY).